Week 1 - CCFJ Devlog

- Retrospective -

The first week of the Crystal Connections Fantasy Jam is almost up, and I'm pretty happy with the progress I've been able to make this week.

To start, I really only heard about the jam a day before it started. But with the easy and broad topic, I came up with the idea almost immediately. I'm a huge fan of the fantasy genre, and even more so when it focuses on topics other than adventuring. In this case, alchemy. At first, I only really knew that I wanted 2 aspects: inventing a potion, and finding a date. While I was planning out systems, I thought it'd be fun to have to maintain a relationship with the village too, so I added in potion mixing/ingredient finding.

I also wanted this game to be made with an exclusive female protag and a mix of male/female love interests. After some consideration, I moved away from that and created a gender-neutral/nonbinary protagonist with exclusively female love interests. I thought some of the cute fun could be had with naming the protagonist whatever you please, and I'm not a big fan of male love interests in dating sim games.

- Current Progress -

Currently, the game is planned to have maybe an hour of playtime. And that's if you replay it a few times. The days go by pretty quickly and I'm not planning to make the scenes very long, so I hope it'll be a cute, easy game to enjoy in a short time.

Over this last week, I've finished or laid out extensive framework for all the alchemy related tasks. You can now mix potions, collect components to create them, and invent a new potion. The potion researching is definitely my favorite part. It has 20 different potions you can discover! A few of them have a rare chance of being discovered, but the chance goes up every time you restart the game, making 100% completion pretty painless.

Mixing potions is functional, but I'm not entirely happy where it is now in it's current state. It's barebones, but since it's done it's at the bottom of my priority list to make it more cute and fun. I originally planned to have a minigame, where you have a recipe book and a lot of ingredients, and you prepare from there... But it doesn't look like that'll be accomplished within this month. I might include a recipe book in the extras screen for some flavor though.

A progress screen has been implemented as well. It shows your research progress, along with the potion you're currently trying to create. Additionally, I'll have it display stats like Reputation, Character A Affection, and Character B Affection.

And if it wasn't obvious by "character a" and "character b", my current task is going to be fleshing out the love interests. I have a good idea for one character in particular, but the other one is still forming in my head. I'm going to give them location specific events, and at certain thresholds I'll have them visit you at the start/end of the day with a short scene. I want them to be just as interested in you as you are in them, so getting them as a date is supposed to be fun and exciting, not a chore or hard to do.

- Thank You -

Thank you very much for reading my devlog for the first week of the Crystal Connections Fantasy Jam. I've attached some screenshots of the game in its current state, but of course everything is subject to change (especially the terrible sketch of the main character on the progress screen, ugh). I hope you all have a great weekend!

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